Madlin is a 50ish lunatic with a mental health record almost as long as her life. She started doing art aged about 23 when she walked away from social acceptability towards cats and a hippy-go-lucky lifestyle.
She also takes occasional photos but prefers art as a means of presenting ideas: what's inside the head instead of outside.
This website offers a selection of her photos and art and will be updated regularly.
Since 1999 she has counted herself as a campaigner for better mental health care and a new approach to madness. This has included ongoing publication in Southwark Mind newsletter, which in turn has been a massive lifeline for her.
Her days jobs currently include admin, bookkeeping and a local mental health group, all for user-led charities.
She lives in the south east of England with two cats and apparently makes a public nuisance of herself on a regular basis.